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Selling handmade cards at the Little Heath Charity Fun Day

Hi everyone, yesterday I went to the Charity Fun Day at Little Heath School, where my friend works, to sell cards and crafts! I had a little stall that we set up with paste tables, a gazebo and tablecloths, plus the card stands that hubby made me, and the cute bunting that Pam made. It was an amazingly hot, sunny day and the fair was busy, though we didn’t have so many visitors at our end of the field.

Selling handmade cards - Craft stall

We set up or table slightly off centre as there was a space next to us for another stall to set up, but in the end no one arrived.

Cards and crafts bunting

Here’s the ‘cards & crafts’ banner that Pam lovingly spend hours and hours sewing! It looked super pretty.

Selling handmade cards - craft fair card stands

So here’s one side of the stall with lots of cards propped up on one of the stands that James made. He cut them from the MDF left over from building our desks, and painted them and added a distressed shabby chic effect. They are the super bestest card stands I have ever seen and I super love them.

Selling handmade cards - craft fair card stands

And here’s the other side. I also had a basket of cards for £1 each (forums online suggest that people seem to like looking through baskets!) and they were quite popular. There was another lady there selling cards and hers were all £1 each, though generally simpler designs, so perhaps I lost a bit of business to her (especially as she was nearer the front of the fair and people got to her first!).

craft fair card basket £1 each

I also had some other craft bits and pieces for sale – peel off stickers and packs of paper and die cuts etc. – but they weren’t as popular with an audience of mostly non-crafty folk.

craft fair paper, die cuts and peel offs for sale

We didn’t make a huge profit – just enough to cover the cost of having the stand there, and a bit more for a few ice creams and perhaps a bottle of wine – but overall it was a lovely day! The weather was great and it was nice to meet Pam’s lovely colleagues. I think I would certainly do another fair again – perhaps an arts and crafts type one where people are specifically looking for handmade cards and gifts.

I also put out the little wooden decoupage tags that I’ve made so far (I know I said I’d do a post on them – I will when I’ve done some more!)

wooden decoupage tags

And finally, here’s my mum taking a pic of the stall.

my mum taking a pic of the stall

and me!

me at the card stand


  1. June Gowland | July 13, 2014 Reply

    Looks a lovely stall with super cards.

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