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More Artbox stickers and notebooks

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago I spent a lovely day in London with my hubby and his family. We went to the Imperial War Museum (where I had a very tasty sandwich), round Covent Garden and then to the Hard Rock Cafe for tea. Awesome place. I ate so much mac and cheese I felt sick, and I didn’t even finish the plate :S Anyway, James’s lovely family are aware of my odd sticker addiction and let me back near Artbox to BUY MORE STICKERS!! I posted a while back that I’d recently become an Artbox affiliate which led me back to trawling through the site adding stickers to my wishlist, so in London I finally got hold of the ones I wanted. I was going to order them online (free postage and all!) but it’s nice to see them in person first. I spent a good while looking through all the different stickers (barging people out the way where necessary) and very reasonably limited myself to just the goodies below.

Artbox stickers and notebooks 2014

The bigger notebook has ghosts with candy on the front and colourful inside pages. The girl ghost has a tiny chocolate ghost. I like this.

Ghosts with candy notebook

I also particularly like the phrase ‘This taste seems right!’, as though they’re trying pretty hard to convince themselves.

page 1

page 2

page 3

page 4

The tiny mini notebook is a San-X one. I picked it because I like the fact that the little creatures are sleeping on a bookcase.

mini notebook San-x

Here are the inside pages. I love anything book related.

inside page 1

inside page 2

And most importantly, here are all the lovely stickers!

Alice in Wonderland stickers

As usual, I can’t resist anything Alice in Wonderland related. These are the stickers I posted about in June as my current faves. They’re super cute!

Artbox crux stickers

These stickers actually come in two layers – the top layer has the little cupcakes, cocktails etc. and the bottom layer has the background strip behind them. DOUBLE STICKERS!

Artbox Sonia oktoberfest stickers

Artbox Sonia travel story stickers

The two above are Sonia stickers – a brand I’ve not come across before. I love the ‘Oktoberfest’ stickers because there are lots of little cocktails and beers with amusing fake brand names like ‘Hoock Ice’ and ‘Duft’, and the ‘Travel Story’ stickers have a matt, kraft paper feel to them.

Artbox su atelier secret garden stickers

Artbox su atelier fragrance stickers

Artbox su atelier stamp stickers

Artbox su atelier moscow mule stickers

These four are all Suatelier stickers. I love the detailed designs and the fact that they’re transparent. They’re very pretty and delicate. The plant ones and stamp ones could be used in cardmaking. There are also Paris and London sticker sheets though I didn’t see them in the shop. They’re on my Artbox wishlist…

If you want to make a wishlist or buy some lovely stickers and notebooks (or other stationery) then please click on the little Artbox banner top right (scroll up!) and shop to your heart’s content on the site. They will send me shiny pennies for sending you in their direction (when you buy stuff. So definitely remember to buy stuff).


  1. Callie Rose | September 21, 2015 Reply

    The Sonia stickers are the same brand as the Suatelier ones. They’ve just rebranded. I love LOVE them! I recently found Artbox myself and couldn’t believe the huge selection of stickers they have. I’d love to be able to go to their store one day but I live in the NW and getting down to london is pretty hard. You’ve got some great stickers here!


    • StickerKitten | September 21, 2015 Reply

      They’re so cute, aren’t they?? I can’t bring myself to open the packets as they’re just too pretty to use! I’ve also found an awesome site online called Modes4u which has loads of cute stickers and fabrics and ships to the UK but I try to resist going on there…! Your blog looks awesome btw :) Sarah x

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