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Mermaid stickers – Mocomoco Tokyo

Hi everyone! This week I’m posting about my super cute mermaid stickers from Mocomoco Tokyo. I saw them on their ebay store and couldn’t resist. And since there was an offer for free postage over £25 I thought I might as well get some of the other irresistible stickers too!

Mermaid stickers!

Mocomoco stickers

The ones on the left are Peter Pan stickers, and they have super cute Tinkerbells, stars, trees and houses, and then in the centre are the beautiful Cinderella stickers with little castles, carriages, chandeliers and rings. The colours are gorgeous! I really want some Alice in Wonderland ones to continue the fairytale theme, but they sold out very quickly according to Mocomoco’s blog here. It’s so hard to find anything like this in the UK. I think maybe I should have been born in Japan!

The other stickers I bought are the capsule rabbits, the tiny mini pictures (presents, cakes, hearts – all sorts!) and the sweet little macaroons and biscuits.


Capsule rabbits

Macaroon closeup

I also bought a new mini sticker album with a little deer on the front!

Seal collection book

The fairytale stickers and the capsule rabbits are P-Work seals (P-Work seem to do the best stickers I’ve ever seen, but you can’t find them many places in the UK) and the macaroons and mini stickers are PartyTune Petit Deco Drop Seals. You can visit Mocomoco’s ebay shop here for more super cute stickers!

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