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Decoupaged bedding box

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days we have been upcycling a plain pine bedding box into a lovely new storage box for the spare bedroom. I say ‘we’ but I have really not done much work on it myself! James sanded and painted it and I just added the finishing touches of decoupage paper.

Here’s how it started out:

plain bedding box before upcycling

And here’s how it finished up!

Upcycled decoupaged bedding box

James painted it with a few coats of Rust-oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint and here, in his own words, is the technique:

Dismantle as much of the bedding box as possible (which makes it easier to paint). Key the varnish to let the paint adhere to it then wipe down all dust from sanding. Apply the first coat of paint, let it dry for 4 hours, then lightly sand it with finishing sandpaper (to remove brush strokes). Wipe it down and apply another coat of paint. Sand again with finishing sandpaper, taking a little more off some of the edges to give a ‘vintage’ worn feel.

After the painting was done I did my decoupaging! First I measured the two square side panels and cut two pieces of Craft Consortium ‘Button Rose’ decoupage paper to fit. I decided to adhere them as one big piece rather than using the other method of torn up little patchwork pieces. This has the advantage of preserving the pattern and being quicker to do, but the disadvantage of being incredibly hard to get right. It’s difficult to get the piece on smoothly and you have to spend time trying to brush out air bubbles, which can sometimes cause the paper to rip.

decoupaged bedding box by StickerKitten

Mine looked a little messy at first and I did tear it in some places but it dried pretty smoothly in the end and hopefully nobody will be staring at it in too much detail! I used Chroma’s Jo Sonja All Purpose Sealer to adhere the paper and cover it again over the top (like a varnish) but you can generally use any watery PVA type glue (tacky glue is too sticky and will tear the thin decoupage paper).

decoupaged bedding box by StickerKitten

As well as the side panels I also decoupaged the braces for the lid (the long wooden bits) using the patchwork technique, and the inside drawer. I used matching paper from the Craft Consortium Wild Rose paper pad for the drawer liner rather than decoupage paper as it’s just a single flat surface so easy to do with normal paper (decoupage paper is good for going round corners or where a visibly smoother finish is needed).

decoupaged bedding box side panel


  1. Katie Lamb | May 22, 2016 Reply

    wow this is stunning and so trendy

  2. Julie wilson | May 22, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful xx

  3. Lea | May 22, 2016 Reply

    Wow this looks amazing. X

  4. Amy surey | May 23, 2016 Reply

    Love it’xx

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