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Alphabet stickers, ice cream stickers, fairytale stickers

Hello everyone! The topic of today’s post is stickers! Lots of lovely new stickers. It was my birthday at the start of the month, and with my birthday money I went shopping at Artbox online. Here are my super favourite two packs that I could not resist:

Snowglobe stickers

Glitter sweets stickers

The first ones are little snowglobe stickers – ‘Twinkle dome’ from Q-Lia. They are so cute! and come in lovely pastel colours. Some globes have little Eiffel Towers in, some have bears, and some have presents or cakes. The second ones are glitter sweets stickers from KumHong. This seems to be a new brand as I have not had any KumHong stickers before.

I also got some alphabet stickers as these always come in very handy for cardmaking:

Alphabet dots

Alphabet stickers

Number stickers

The first ones are little alphabet dots from Funny Sticker World. You get 5 sheets in the pack so they are good value for money at 99p. The second and third ones are also from Funny Sticker World and they are raised stickers with a gel-like appearance.

Next, what sort of sticker shopping spree would be complete without food with faces?

Food with faces stickers

Kitchen stickers

And here, one step further, we have little kitchen appliances with faces. I particularly like the rather devious looking dinner plate.

Finally, on the food theme, ice lollies and ice creams:

Ice lollies stickers

Ice cream stickers

I also bought lots of cute fairytale themed stickers. These new ones from KumHong feature Alice in Wonderland and lots of other cute princesses and fairytale characters. I love the tiny, colourful gingerbread house.

Alice in Wonderland stickers

Fairytale stickers

The next two are Cinderella and Snow White:

Cinderella stickers

Snow White stickers

Finally, the last things I ordered were some Hello Kitty stickers, glow in the dark cat stickers, tiny Christmas stickers, and also a pretty notebook with pretty inside pages!

Hello Kitty stickers

Glow in the dark cat stickers

Tiny Christmas stickers

Pretty notebook

Decorated inside pages

On the front the notebook says ‘I love you so much more than anything else in the world’. Isn’t that sweet!

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